Why sustainable materials matter?

DSC_3021Using sustainable materials could be the essential part of today’s fashion industry, but unfortunately, there is still a lot to do to change the currently prevailing thinking which is centered on fast fashion. The philosophy of sustainable fashion (or eco fashion) has so many advantages over traditional quick fashion, making the slow fashion a choice for those who care for the environment.

Which materials are sustainable?

Using sustainable materials isn’t only about organic cotton or bamboo. The choice is actually very versatile and it contains many unexpected materials. Such materials can be divided into three equally important categories:

  • virgin natural fibers – either plant based (cellulose) or animal based (protein). Most used cellulose fiber is of course cotton, but it also includes flax, hemp, bamboo, soy etc. Many protein-based fibers also have long traditions in the fashion industry and this includes wool, silk, angora, cashmere etc. It is also possible to use such natural resources to create manufactured fibers;
  • recycled fibers – these can either consist of entirely recycled materials or materials which have been mixed with different virgin fibers;
  • upcycled fibers – using waste materials or unwanted products in making new products. This can also include fibers made of plastic.

    What is GOTS Certification?

GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard certification is issued by GOTS International Working Group. When buying products one can be certain that the producer of such products is thinking about the environment: to become GOTS certified, the textile products must contain at least 70% of organic fibers! Plus there are requirements concerning chemical inputs, accessories and waste water treatment.

Why is this important? People usually tend to consider cotton to be a natural and nature-friendly material, but actually mass-produced cotton often contains several chemicals and toxic substances. So GOTS is an easy way to know you’re making better choices.

Why choose sustainable textiles?

There are several reasons for preferring sustainable textiles. What is most important is that it’s better for everything around us: for the environment, the people and animals. Although sustainable textiles are often more expensive, they last longer – why choose quantity when you can have quality? There is also another benefit for fashion conscious people: the clothes made from sustainable materials are often created in smaller numbers (or are absolutely unique) and thus they are also much more personal!

That is why the cotton products produced by Liisa Soolepp are made using organic cotton. However, the advantages of using organic cotton can not be felt instantly and it takes time to make a change – but we are committed to having an impact! You are welcome to explore the collections by Liisa Soolepp.