Whaelse: What to wear?


Whaelse is German based fashion  and lifestyle blogger who shares her virtual diary, inspirations and looks in her blog.

How would you describe your style?

Casual and simple describes it best.

What inspires you about clothes?

It is very inspiring how you can express yourself with clothes. You can
either underline your character with the clothes you wear or you can slip
into a roal, that is fascinating. I also love the diversity of basics, you
only need one basic piece and create so many different outfits with this
one piece.

What matters to you the most when choosing a new piece for your

I always check the quality and material it is made of. I also try create
at least three different outfit combinations in my head. When I can’t
think of three different outfits, I probably won’t wear that piece that
often and it’s not worth buying it.

What do you think of today’s fashion industry?

I think it is too fast. Most brands don’t care about factors such as
quality or working conditions. It’s all about dropping as many lines as

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