Getri Mitt is Estonian lifestyle and fashion blogger, who is helping Tallinn Design House with her knowledge in marketing and giving fashion advice as an editor at a local magazine called Mari. Besides, she is a full-time mother and a partner. We took a closer look to her thoughts on fashion, trends, sustainability and life itself.

What draws you to clothes?

Desire to play with limits. On the one hand, I am very practical – thinking of sustainability and appreciating quality. I care for how long I manage to wear one or another piece and I make sure it fits with many other things in my wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if I buy local design or find a gem from a second hand store. On the other hand, there is a little magpie hidden in me who wants yo buy cheap H&M ruffle blouse and dangle earrings.


How do you define fashion? 

It depends how to look at it. Is it coming and going trends? For me personally, it is a reflection of a person. I get an idea what kind of thoughts and feelings one has regarding his or her outfit, what music does the person listen to. I have noticed I create those stories around the wearer.

What is your source of inspiration to keep on blogging? 
Yes, I have been blogging for around 10 years. I like to tell my story.


How do you choose your clothes?
It depends where I am heading to. Comfort is most important to me, but I do try to be a bit playful, bring in something unexpected to my outfit.

What is your favourite piece? Does it have a story to tell?  

I don’t really have that many meaningful clothes. But the first things that come to my mind are the ones I wore when I was expecting my baby. It was a very special period of my life. And then lingerie made by Kriss Soonik. It was the first gift I got from my partner. 


In which clothes do you feel the best in? 
In clothes that have been made of skin friendly materials, such as cotton. And then dress, jeans or knitwear that is oversized. At home I love to wear morning gown and sweatpants.

You studied fashion styling. How it has influenced you? 
It helped me to get started in the fashion industry. Otherwise I would have become social worker in order to help people.

How did you pick up an interested towards fashion? 
My mom’s wardrobe. And later on the playfulness with clothes I witnessed in the Sex and The City.

What is your attitude towards timeless fashion? 
I do like the idea. I am often mixing old classics with present trends as well.

Getri Mitt

What are you currently dreaming of? 
That we could start refurbishing our new house. I can’t wait to do the interior design. I promise there will be loads of behind the scenes of that process in my social channels.

Getri, what fires you up?

I am rather impatient soul that constantly seeks for knowledge. I like to make progress in the things I am occupied with. Other ambitious people affect me well.

Getri Mitt is wearing our Eike sweater and Teele cardigan.