Collaboration With Estonian Design Students

OONA knitwear designed together with Tartu Art College student Mari-Triin

Liisa Soolepp and Tartu Art College design students co-created fresh designs. Couple of pieces, like OONA and ESME are now proudly in our collection. Fresh designs were presented this summer at Helsinki Fashion Week and also last month at Tallinn Fashion Week. 

Tartu Art College initiated the collaboration between knitwear designer Liisa Soolepp and current textile students. Liisa herself graduated the school 10 years ago and was happy to be back.

Liisa gave students assignment to create knitted fractures that are aligned with the brand. Designer yet wanted to see their own personal insight in it too. “I loved the way students approached the assignment. They were admirably fresh in their vision,” says Liisa Soolepp.

ESME cardigan was co-created with Tartu Art College student Laura.

“I am inspired how simple and minimalistic her designs are. And yet they have such a distinctive geometrical structure,” says textile student Mari-Triin Kirs. She co-created beautiful OONA design.

“Designer’s work is thoughtful. She leaves very small ecological footstep, because she knits from high quality natural wool. I believe ethical production is crucially important these days in fashion business. Secondly, I do enjoy the way designer knits her personal stories into the products. Her knitwear has an emotional value and deepness which is why I never get tired of wearing her designs.”

We are very thankful to Tartu Art College for the initiative and the students for a great synergy they have given throughout the process.