STORY OF A MUSE: Julia Dalia

Julia Dahlia

JULIA DALIA: I Have Always Been Different

Julia Dalia (26) is truly blooming, just like her name speaks of her. We met with the cool and openhearted girl in the heart of Berlin, in Soho House, which is one of her favourite spots in town. Julia loves Berlin, but sees herself as a world-citizen, because she feels at home where the loved ones are.

Tell me please your story of becoming a model, an influencer?

As a teenager I didn’t think I could be a model, because I was different with my hair, body and freckles. No-one at school told me I was pretty and I didn’t feel like one. One day a photographer approached me through a friend and he wanted to do a artsy shoot with me. He then recommended me to the agency. There they liked that I was different. That is how it all started ten years ago. Today I am signed with many agencies around Europe.

How do you feel about it today?

It feels great today. I thought when I turn 25, I get less jobs. You know how it is with modelling, but it hasn’t been the case at all. I am so grateful for all this. It’s so much fun and goes hand-in-hand with blogging.

How has modelling influenced you as a person, since it’s been your full-time job?

In front of cameras one has to be on point, so I have learned to focus. My network only keeps growing and I have found few of my best, lifelong friends through it. I have traveled too, but I wish to travel more. I want to go to Los Angeles…shoot in the Caribbean for bathing suit, for example.

What have been your favourite modelling jobs? 

I worked for EOS lip palm, I enjoyed it a lot. Usually, I tend to like working with urban brands, like Adidas, Converse. I identify myself with these brands, so the styling and make-up feels like me. Most of the time the teams are great too, urban brands are easygoing, chill people, even though every one is under a pressure for a good outcome.

How did blogging start for you? 

My friend Albina moved couple of years after me to Berlin. We always had so much fun together. We went to loads of events and since we enjoyed it a lot, we decided to document it by taking photos and writing about our experiences at MUSASMUSAS. We didn’t plan to earn money with it, we wanted to share our inspiration, what we love, what we do. It grew into a job, but I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun.

What inspires you? 

So many things. It can just be a sun ray that shines through window. I think God is the greatest artist and I like what he has created. Nature inspires me, the elements – water, fire…also people inspire me. I connect with people even through Instagram and we do meet in real life. Last week I met a girl from France who wants to open a Vintage store here in Berlin and I shared with her what I knew.

Julia Dahlia in Istanbul

Julia Dalia in Istanbul

What do you dream about? 

To love and talk fully with God. I believe God lives within me, but I am not one. He can shine through me if I let him. My pride holds me back sometimes. I just think pride is a number one killer in relationships – romantic relationship or relationship with your mother, father, brother, sister…egoism can be healthy up to a point, but pride is always unhealthy. This is how I cut the line, measuring if something is now healthy for me or not. I am asking myself if I am doing it with heart or acting on a pride. Sometimes you don’t want do admit it even to yourself that you’re acting on pride, but we always know when we do.

Tell me about your daily routines.

I like to wash my hair and take care of it, use argan oil. This is my beauty routine. I love to do sports and then go to sauna. And I love coming home, because I live with my siblings, my sister and my brother. We drink a cup of tea, talk about the day.

 What do you think of fashion? 

We all dress. It’s a huge market and I believe a lot should change in fashion. It should be more sustainable, more ethical, it should give something back to people. I think fashion robs people 98% of the times, but there are ethical brands, so I see movement. But there has to be more. You don’t need to be trendy, different every season. Also the average picture of a model – so skinny, it’s not right. Being an influencer, it’s not a trend only. It means something. I can influence people to think differently.

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